How can a PPA help your sports club?

How can a PPA help your sports club?

If you are wondering how can a PPA can help your sports club or facility, then we’ve put together a simple explainer.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between two parties, for example Solar In Sport and your sports club or facility.

We arrange the design, gain the necessary permissions and manage the installation of a solar PV system for you at little to no cost.

Whilst under a PPA with Solar In Sport, you receive significantly reduced electricity.

At the outset, the PPA will disclose prices and the amount of electricity to be supplied. These are usually longer-term contracts in the range of 10-25 years.

When the contracts come to an end, the club can choose to remove the system, extend the PPA or purchase the solar system.

Tell me more about a PPA with Solar In Sport.

On-site solar PV generation can take the form of either a rooftop installation on your stadium or a ground-mount installation on nearby land.

To get the most from your PPA arrangement, the following four things are recommended:

  • The club’s electricity demand profile must be consistent for the solar PV generated electricity to be well suited to meeting it – for example, a stadium with regular demand for power.
  • A suitable physical location (whether ground-mounted or roof-mounted) must be available to host the site on-site or nearby
  • Any development of 1 MW or more, whether rooftop or ground-mounted, will almost certainly require planning permission from the relevant local authority.
  • A connection to the local distribution grid must also available.

Is it a yes to the above? Well read on!

If your club meets the above criteria, then it really is a great goal scoring opportunity for you.

And here’s why!

  • You will receive an immediate reduction in your energy costs: A PPA helps you to avoid wholesale price volatility and other additional costs associated with buying electricity through the grid. As we’ve already said, solar PPA’s provide a fixed cost for electricity for the duration of the contract.
  • No capital investments: The club does not have to pay up-front for the cost of developing the solar themselves. So sign up, and bring in that new striker!
  • Limited risk: Under a PPA, clubs can benefit from greener energy and implement more sustainable business practices with very little risk. If you sign up, Solar In Sport maintain the solar panels, so the sports club or facility don’t have to worry about equipment failure.

If a PPA isn’t the choice for you, then we do have other finance options available. Take a look here.

Is it time for you to look into solar at your stadium or facility?

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