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Having a solar panel system installed can enhance your club’s reputation and brand as an environmentally responsible organisation.

How we began

The Solar In Sport Story

Solar In Sport began as an idea between a group of people experienced in solar and the leisure industry, who wanted to boost sustainability in sport.   Our vision was to harness the sun’s energy and infuse it into the heart of their beloved sports community.

We founded Solar in Sport.

Our mission was clear: to set up solar-powered solutions that would not only reduce the carbon footprint of sports events but also inspire others to adopt sustainable practices. The response so far has been overwhelming, with sports fans, athletes, and eco-conscious individuals rallying behind their cause.  Each sports facility presented unique engineering puzzles, from ensuring optimal sunlight exposure to developing energy storage solutions for stadia. 

But every obstacle is met with innovation and creativity, leading to breakthroughs that push the boundaries of sustainable technology.

News of Solar in Sport’s efforts has attracted the attention of professional athletes and sports organisations. They see the potential to not only reduce operational costs but also to make a tangible impact on environmental conservation. Moving forward,  we are keen to collaborate with sports leagues and sports-related community initiatives. Solar in Sport’s journey is more than just about setting up solar panels; it is a story of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering belief that sports could be a force for positive change.

We are keen to show the sporting world that with a little ingenuity, even the sky isn’t the limit.

Our Mission

At Solar in Sport, our mission is to lead the charge in creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Belief

We are driven by the belief that sports can be a powerful catalyst for change.


Utilising The Power Of The Sun

Together we can do this

Solar In Sport is here to inspire individuals and sporting communities to adopt renewable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.

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