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Our team will work with you to find the most affordable way to fund your solar solution.

At the end of the day, the decision is down to you, but we will use our experience to help you choose.

Power Purchase Agreement

A PPA sees the solar array funded, operated, and maintained by a third party with access to institutional investors’ significant funds.

The third party will have unrivaled experience developing high-quality solar arrays that deliver maximum benefit for both the host business and the investors.

Once the system is operational, the host business does not pay for the solar array, but they agree to buy the solar energy from the panels on their roof at a cheaper rate than the power they buy from their traditional supplier.

Capital Purchase

By funding the system via cash, not only do you own the asset from day one, you will not need to worry about interest costs eating into your return on investment.

This particular method of funding also offers some benefits that some of the other funding methods do not, such as being able to take advantage of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) The AIA allows a business to deduct the total value of an item that qualifies for an annual investment allowance from your profits before tax

Asset Finance

Asset finance allows a business to borrow the money for a solar panel installation with the funds secured against the asset that is being purchased – in this example, the solar panels and associated equipment.

Asset finance lets businesses keep cash that they might have spent on a solar array in the bank for use in the company’s core operation. An added benefit of asset finance is that it allows the business to pay for its system over time using savings and income.

The Facts

The benefits are huge for your sports club

Using solar panels for your sports club can offer numerous benefits, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, and improved public perception.

By understanding how solar panels work and taking advantage of financing options and incentives, your sports club can make the transition to solar energy with minimal impact on your budget.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that installing and maintaining solar panels requires a significant investment of time and resources. You’ll need to carefully consider the costs and benefits of solar energy and make a decision that aligns with your sports club’s values and goals.

If you do decide to move forward with installing solar panels for your sports club, it’s important to work with qualified professionals who can help guide you through the process and ensure that your solar panels are installed and maintained correctly.

Overall, using solar panels for your sports club is a smart and sustainable choice that can benefit your organization and the environment. By taking the time to research your options and make informed decisions, you can ensure that your sports club is well-positioned to thrive in a world that increasingly values renewable energy and environmental responsibility.

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