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The dramatic rise in solar installations looks set to continue as many businesses look to achieve net-zero rather than being beaten by rising energy costs.

Solar is at the front of the queue for both business and domestic customers. This is due to market pressures from oil and gas.

Ask yourself – is it the time for you to benefit from long term cost savings?

Can you also hit your net-zero goals by generating your energy needs from renewable power?

Battery Storage

Solar has peaks and troughs – there’s no available sunlight at night, and winter typically has fewer hours of useable sunlight than summer. The perfect solution is to install a battery unit to store power generated but not used. You can then draw on the power as, and when it is needed.

Size does matter

The bigger your onsite solar array, the higher the potential savings. Typically, you’ll achieve payback within as little as two years. Even this has the potential to improve should the cost of energy continue to provide uncertainty.

Future proof your club

A solar array can also supply additional future renewable power needs, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electric heat pumps in place of gas heating systems. But above all, you are future-proofing your organisation. What price can you put on that?

Data analysis

Keep an eye on your system

Solar panels can also be equipped with monitoring systems that allow the sports club to track the amount of energy being generated by the panels in real time. This can be useful for optimizing the performance of the panels and identifying any potential issues that may arise.

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