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Solar energy is revolutionising the sports industry. Solar in Sport is here to drive the change for your club and energise your community. 

Our Mission

At Solar in Sport, our mission is to lead the charge in creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


Our Belief

We are driven by the belief that sports can be a powerful catalyst for change.

Utilising the power of the sun

Together we can do this

Solar In Sport is here to inspire individuals and sporting communities to adopt renewable energy solutions and reduce their carbon footprint.

About Solar In Sport

We are experts in the world of solar and renewable energy

Regardless of the sports venue or its size, renewable technologies, especially solar energy, can help significantly lower bills, reduce energy consumption and decrease their carbon footprint. 

Renewable Way

Six reasons to consider stadium solar

There are many reasons why solar and sustainability can be the ideal solution for your club. Here are six of the best. 

Large rooftop area

Sports venues and stadiums typically have expansive roofs offering vast surface areas for solar panel installations.

High Energy Demand

Solar power generated on-site can directly power various operations, lowering utility costs and carbon emissions.

Public Visibility

By installing solar panels, stadiums can raise public awareness about renewable energy and promote sustainability.


These installations symbolise a commitment to clean energy, inspiring fans and visitors to consider renewable energy solutions.

Community Engagement

Sports venues often play a significant role in their local communities, attracting visitors, and supporting local businesses.

Economic Benefits

By embracing solar installations, stadiums can both make savings and carbon footprint benefits for the whole community.

The Facts

How solar can help your club

Over the past decade, solar energy has emerged as a viable, mainstream solution to climate change. Homeowners are propping them on their roofs, businesses are investing in them to help boost profits, and the cost of solar panels has fallen massively.

And as both the energy crisis and climate change worsen, there’s never been a better time to brush up on all things renewable – starting with solar.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy accounted for 40% of global power capacity in 2022 – up by nearly 10%.

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Solar in the mix

Solar accounted for 15% of renewables, making it the third largest behind hydro and wind. 

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World Solar

All in all, around 4.5% of the world’s global electricity generation comes from solar.

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UK Generation

Renewables were  responsible for 47.8% of UK energy generation in the first quarter of 2023.

Growth of sustainability

Solar and renewables in the sporting world

From Olympic venues to football stadia worldwide, solar installations are a growing trend. Solar In Sport is developing this in the United Kingdom.

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